“Not Too Bad For A Bad Cycle”

11 Oct

“After our fantastic cycle in August, with a record AEI for everyone, September was on track to be a let down.  We had a weird streak of patients failing appointments or canceling on short notice.  This is not a typical problem for us.  We have a waiting list of hygiene patients to schedule, but no one was returning our calls to take open appointments.  It’s like something strange was in the air!  So, as the cycle wore on, everyone was feeling rather discouraged.  We had patients accepting treatment, even pre-paying and scheduling.  But, we had even more folks just not showing up for their appointments.  None of the staff had very high hopes for exceeding our goals for the cycle.  But, as the cycle came to a close, we started to realize that even though we had so many changes to the schedule, our numbers still looked good.  So, we wrapped up the cycle this week and our Production was barely under $100,000 and collections was over 107,000.  Not bad for a bad cycle!  The team each bonused $1,014!!  Sometimes we have to step back and realize that we just need to do what we do, the best we can do it – we can’t beat ourselves up about every little detail in the schedule.  Everything works out as it should we when practice ideal dentistry for our patients!”

“Dr. Nemec is also very pleased that the staff is stepping up and helping with things that are not their typical job duties.  And they are sharing ideas for things to do to be better.  We’re looking forward to meeting up with everyone in Dallas this month and get another ‘shot of Brady’ to keep us on track for the end of the year.”

Amie Nemec
The Hills Dental Spa, Austin, TX

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