“Thank you for helping me get back on track.”

5 Oct

“Chris, I just wanted to say that you really helped me get things back when I attended the YGI/Inner Circle conference in Colorado Springs last month.  Since that time, I took the goal number that you helped me work out and broke it down for the team.  We have used our morning huddles and weekly hour-long meetings to work on strategies and theory on how to schedule properly to achieve that mark.  In addition, the girls are graphing each day’s production and collection.  We have broken the daily production down to three categories:  hygiene all day, operative before noon, operative all day.  This way, we are seeing if we are staying consistent on a daily basis.

The girls had to see that I was serious about this–makes me wonder if I haven’t been much of a leader lately.  But, once they did, they have taken ownership and helped brainstorm for planning sessions/new patients/scheduling.  So far, just two days into the new cycle and we are past our two day goal in collections and have collected over 16K thus far, and we have not had our planning session, yet today.  Consistency is the key.

On another note, I have ordered my camera, tripod, memory card, diffused lights and green backdrop.  I am ready to shoot some movies.  I plan to alter my web site with lead-ins on several of the web pages and I am ready to begin shooting videos for my patients.

Anyway, thanks for really helping me out, Chris!   I needed it!”

Kurt Williams, DDS
Elsworth, KS

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