“My Office Is Going Gangbusters And My Team Is On Fire!”

4 Jun

“On a personal level, things are great.  I am in the middle of a 12 day vacation along the Oregon coast with the family.  It’s been a wonderful trip.  And we all still like each other after a week together in the mini-van!

On a professional level, my office is going gangbusters.  We produced 136,000 last cycle, and collected 121,000.  This cycle is done from a production standpoint (I’m not there to do any  more dentistry), and I finished at around $120,000 production.  The money was still coming in when I left, and they were trying to decide if they wanted it all on this cycle or not.  We were at around $105,000 when I left last week.  Had three cases accept care for a total of $55,000 the last day I worked.  They were going to be doing records and finances for them while I’m gone.  My team is on fire – the $800+ bonus each month doesn’t hurt that.”

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen
Highland, Utah

P.S. This is on 10-day cycles.

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