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Welcome New Brady Members!

10 May

Join me in extending a warm welcome to three new members who signed up at TDA and AACD:

Dr. Arthur Manzo & Team, Red Wood City, CA

Dr. Stacy Cole & Team, Ft. Worth, TX

Philip Miner, San Antonio, TX

“Dr. Ludlow Tells It Like It Is.”

6 May

“We started with the Brady Group about 3.5 years ago. My practice and life has been good ever since.  I started a practice in a smaller town out side of the Dallas, TX area about 5 years ago.  The practice has been experiencing good growth, and when I joined on with the Brady Group, they helped me control the office to become very profitable with a low overhead.  I was able to work the number of days that I wanted to and have a schedule flow that worked extremely well. Our case acceptance rate went up significantly. I have been very pleased with the way things have turned out.”

Jeffery Ludlow, DDS
Anna, TX

Team Dutton & Gonzales In The FUN Money!

4 May

“What an exciting month!  Our doctors surprised us with a wonderful luncheon for our monthly team meeting at a fabulous restaurant here in San Antonio!  This is the first “FUN MONEY” bonus check we have received since starting Brady Group!  We can not tell you how excited we are!  We are looking forward to many more months like this ahead!  Thank you Brady Group!”

The SPDA Girls!
San Antonio, TX

“A/R Has Dropped $45K!”

3 May

Dr. Gary Robison’s team of Mesa, AZ, has done an awesome job collection prepayment – their A/R has dropped $45K in the last 4 cycles, as they continue to collect more than 100% of what they are producing!”

Alright Team Robison, it appears that you’re starting to dominate this blog!

We like it, keep bringin it!!