“More Great News From Ellsworth America!”

6 Apr

“We just finished up the first quarter on April 1, 2010.  The numbers tell the story, we have just set a record for team Williams for the first quarter–$316,000.00.  What really has me pumped is that the first quarter is traditionally the worst quarter of the year!  The numbers, of course, translates to great bonuses for the girls!  Each staff member has earned a bonus of $1,495 this month, alone.  Everyone is really taking responsibility for making each day the best that it can be.  It is simply amazing to listen to the girls when I am walking down the hall outside the treatment rooms.  They just do a masterful job of finding out the patients’ wants and then they really focus on them.  I am so very proud of them!  Before the year started, they set a goal of $12,000 of AEI for each team member.  I have a sneaking suspicion that we will blow that number away.“

“More great news! We have a plan every day of this cycle through the 22nd.  On Thursday alone, we had 4 new patients call and set appointments from very far away.  It seems that all these years of doing things the right way (the Brady way) is paying off with referrals.  I have been trying to widen my “net”, so-to-speak, and I think it is happening right before my eyes!  Thanks for giving me the tools!”


Dr. Kurt Williams
Ellsworth, America

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